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About Fusion Hospitality Services.

At Fusion Hospitality Services we are dedicated to maximising profits without sacrificing our core, values service, quality and value. From day one Fusion Hospitality Services has worked hard to develop a network of preferred suppliers for every aspect of any business.

Utilising Fusion Hospitality’s tireless efforts to locate the best suppliers, service and prices we’re able to procure goods and services at the best prices possible for your business. This, of course reduces the cost of doing business which increases the profitability for your business.

We consistently review our supplier’s products and prices and work through the bidding process at every renewal period to ensure you are receiving the best value.

Our Core Values.

Fusion Hospitality is built on three core values, service, value and quality. We focus on delivering excellent customer service, together with fantastic quality products and services at great prices, across all sectors of hospitality. Our main goal is to help your business succeed in every aspect of your supply chain. We have carefully selected our services and suppliers to suit all requirements from coffee shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

What does this mean for you.

  • Access to great prices and a huge range of products.
  • Our huge network of suppliers means we can source anything for your business.
  • We focus on high standards and attention to detail while maintaining maximum profit margins for you.
  • We are supplier funded so will never ask you to pay us anything.
  • We monitor trends and fashions in all sectors relevant to your business making sure you are consistently in receipt of the most competitive prices.
  • All transitions are done seamlessly.
  • Full UK coverage.

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